Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dungeons & Dragons 30 Day Challenge, Day 5 – Favorite Set of Dice\Individual Die

This day poses an interesting question… favorite set of dice. Or individual die, if you choose. I’m slightly confused by this… is this the favorite dice I own? Or a favorite die that a particular die manufacture makes?

I’m assuming that it’s a set I own. So, going by that, I have a couple of answers.

For individual dice, I’d have to say it’s my Torg d20. For those that don’t remember, Torg was an RPG created by West End Games back in the ‘90’s, in which Earth was invaded by different realities, who brought their realities and universe rules with them, transforming pieces of Earth into their reality. The die came with the boxed set of the game, and is a red and blue swirl pattern that, I believe, is unique to each die. The colors are important in game, because items that have this blue and red swirl pattern are usually special artifacts. It’s a pretty unique die, and with all the people that I have gamed with over the years, I’m the only one I know that has one. And I just love it.

As for a set of dice, I’m not sure if this counts, because they’re all d10’s, but my favorite set is the Vampire The Masquerade set I bought several years ago. They are also a pretty unique looking, with the green textured color that matches the book covers, including a little splotch of red on one point. The numbers are colored gold, and the 1 on the die is actually a rose, matching the cover of the main rule book. They’re completely awesome looking.

As for dice that I don’t own, this one is easy. Hand’s down, it has to be any die made by Artisan Dice. This guy takes all kinds of woods, from pretty common to very rare, and makes dice sets out of them. They are totally awesome looking, and again, are a pretty unique looking set. I’d own a set, but they cost more than I can currently afford for dice. Worth the cost, I just can’t afford it.

So, there you have it, my favorite dice/individual die.

So, until next time, when I discuss my favorite Deity, keep on remembering the future!

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