Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dungeons & Dragons 30 Day Challenge – Day 4: Favorite Gameworld

So, I sat down to write this post and then realized that I didn’t know what my answer was. So, I got up, and started doing whatever chores I could think to do… washed the dishes, got the bed ready for sleeping, forced my son to finish his bath (as opposed to just laying around in the water half-assedly moving lego boats around)… and then I ran out of things to do, so I came back here and still didn’t have an answer. So, I went to my game shelf, hoping that looking at my D&D books would refresh my memory.

I have played or ran so many games set in so many published settings… Mystara, Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, The World’s Largest Dungeon, and quite a few others that might not count as D&D settings, such as Dragon-Star.

And then, of course, was my home brewed world of Yerth. I had been working on Yerth for about 5 years before I finally ran a campaign set it in. The campaign was based around the idea that the prophesied End Times had finally arrived, and only the party could stop the world from being destroyed. It ran for over a year, and everyone had a great time and loved the setting.

But when I was looking at my books, I remembered one setting that I just loved to pieces, even though most of my players just thought it was too silly. And that setting was…


Yes, D&D in space! I loved it all. Wooden space ships! Crystal Spheres! Traveling to any game world you wanted to, and a few you didn't! It was completely awesome. I even briefly ran a Star Trek themed setting using Spelljammer as the basis and the D&D races as replacement races for Trek ones (elves for Vulcans, drow for Romulans, orcs for Klingons, dwarves for Tellerites, etc..). We didn’t get through to many setting of Spell Trek, but it was fun.

Yes, it’s true the setting got a little silly (I shall ignore all comments about Giant Space Hamsters), but some of that silliness was part of its charm. I mean, where else were you going to find hippo-men with flint lock pistols sailing across a rainbow colored sea of space alongside swashbuckling dwarves and tinker gnomes everywhere.

So, short post today, but there you have it. My favorite Gamworld: Spelljammer.

Until next time, when I discuss my favorite Game World, keep on remembering the future!

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