Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dungeons & Dragons 30 Day Challenge, Day 2: Favorite Playable Race

What is my favorite playable race? Hmmm… that’s a tough one to answer. It really depends on the type of character I’m making. I tend to like to play characters that mix odd race-class combinations. I’ve made everything from Halfling fighters in 1st edition to gnome barbarians in 3rd edition, including one of my favorite characters, a half-orc sorcerer, whom I’ll discuss more in the Favorite Character post. I’ve only DMed in 4th edition, I haven’t actually played in as a player yet, so as far as the new races there goes, I rather liked the Goliath.

I think, though, that if I were forced to choose one playable race out of all the available races in all the editions available to me, I would have to go with Halfling. The wee folk tend to get over looked a lot, unless you’re planning on playing a rogue, which I think is a shame. Not as much as gnomes, true, but still, they do get looked over for any class other than rogue. But Halflings offer so much potential, in terms of role playing, that it’s far too munchkiney to just pick it for one class because it’s best at it for me. I love Halflings in other roles, because no one expects it. DMs don’t often know how to deal with a Halfling monk, and it really screws with the minds of your fellow players when you make the Halfling a cleric. And a Halfling fighter is just great. Getting right up there in combat, short sword and shield at the ready.  They just offer so much great fun for the odd class combinations. 
He will, he will, rock you!

I love to imagine all the role-playing opportunities I could have with a Halfling bard, singing the song of his long wandering people, having traveled the world for long before becoming an adventurer, his bardic lore is represented by stories and fables told by his people. He’s basically a gypsy with a lute. How can you not love a character like that?

And, so, there you have it. My favorite playable race. Halflings. I guess that was an awful lot to go through just to get to that one answer... still, this is a blog, and a simple "My favorite race is..." just wouldn't have done.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow for a discussion of my favorite playable class. Until then, keep on remembering the future!


  1. Chris, as a fellow D&D player and halfling fan, I'd like you invite you to join on online play-by-post game where all the players are halflings. We're playing the Core Pathfinder flavor of D&D, and each player posts once a day on a message board. Hope you'll be interested! -- Cayzle --

  2. Hey Crazie,

    While that sounds awesome, I do not currently own any Pathfinder books.

    1. LOL! None needed! Check out this site:

      We use Core only (first column of links at that page).

      Email me at to join?

    2. Wow. I never knew that was there, and now I feel stupid that I didn't... I will check that out and get back to you on if I'm interested in joining.