Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Picture Show Win!

Hey, check it out! This week, I participated in a little writing contest (nothing major, just a group of writers doing flash ficiton for fun), called #FridayPictureShow. And guess what? I won!

Here's the link:

And for your enjoyment, here's the story I told.

The World’s End resort was exactly what Cameron needed after Sarah died. Sun, beaches, an amazing view of the edge of the world, Casino’s, theaters, movies, meaningless sex with beautiful women. There was just one last thing to do before he left. He got down to the beach in his swing trunks, to the dock, and rented a Jet Ski. He smiled as the man behind the counter took the last of his money. It had all been worth it. He put on his life jacket, got on the Jet Ski, and drove at top speed straight for the edge.