Monday, October 29, 2012

Abraham and the Dragon

Abraham woke up in the empty boxcar and stretched. His back ached and his head hurt from the wine last night. He crawled outside, yawning. The rail yard was by the seashore, and that made for cool mornings, which he loved. He reached back into the car and pulled out the broadsword. He looked at the cursed thing, his albatross. He still wasn't sure where it came from, but when he pulled it from the scabbard, it glowed with an effulgent light that blinded him. Even now, it pulled at him. It was leading him somewhere, some place Abraham didn't want to be. The home of the red dragon that had forged it. Abraham knew only one thing about that place. He had dreamed about it, so he knew it would be true. The steel and concrete skyscraper the dragon lived in would be the place where Abraham would die.

150 words

Also going for the overachiever title with the use of five prompt words. :)