Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Flash Fiction: The Heart of the World

An Epic Fantasy in less than 900 words!

The Heart of the World

Lorell looked at the giant crystal before here, shocked to see that it was actually pulsing, almost like it was breathing. The massive building sized purple stone was called the Heart of the World, but even after five years of trying to find it, she never expect it to actually resemble a real heart, down to the beating.

Five years. Had it really been that long? She remembered the day when Rumidon arrived at her village across the mountains. He had come following prophecy, trying to determine where the Keeper of the Heart would spawn. Never did Rumidon, that kindly old sage, ever expect to find the actual Keeper. Never did Lorell expect it would be her. But, apparently, a dark force did, for following the old wizard were goblins. They attacked and burned her village, killing everyone, all while she was showing Rumidon where crystal grove was, and her talent for manipulating the crystals.

He showed surprise at her talent, though she at the time didn’t know why. She never told anyone at the village of her gift, the ability to manipulate crystals with but a though, change their shape, make them grow, even cause them to explode, but she didn’t think it unusual. Surely if she could do it, then so could others. He told her that no one could do it. Or at least, no one except the Keeper, who was destined to repair the Heart of the World, and thus save it.

When she saw the death and destruction, Rumidon took her away in a haze of tears. They arrived at the city of Dath’on, where she met and befriended the dwarf warrior Burnell. When the goblins attacked them in their inn, Burnell joined them, and Rumidon decided that they would need to find the heart of the world. For if goblins were on the loose, it meant that the World Killer were also free, and once again trying to destroy the Heart. It would be up to Lorell to repair whatever damage they had managed to do already.

She smiled. How long ago that all seemed. She didn’t believe in any of it, but she wanted revenge on the goblins for the death of her people. A year later, following Rumidon from library to library trying to find the location of the Heart, she got it. But at a great cost. Burnell was dead, but the goblin king was left burning, a crystal spear through his heart. But during that time, they made new friends. Prince Comar, of Atha’na, who declared his love for Lorell, and she for him. A year later, chasing more rumors, they were married. A queen now, ruling by her husband’s side, the quest for the Heart become secondary. She defended her kingdom from the World Killer, who sent the massive black dragon Magrathorn to destroy them.

Finally, though, the World Killer left behind a clue. The Heart was left in a great cave, one that held the secrets of the Age of Myth, when the Gods still walked the earth, and men fought demons, and the elves still lived. Rumidon knew where such a cave was, from his previous research. It took nearly a year of hard trekking and battle to get to, but her husband and the wise old wizard at her side, she made it. She was here at last. And looking at the massive crystal before her, she knew what she had to do.

She took a deep breath and walked into one of the massive veins and deep into the heart itself. It was light inside, but all purple, and it took her eyes a few moments to adjust. Here, she could see the damage that was being done, and instantly felt how such damage was causing distruction to the world. Earthquakes from that crack, wars due to this fissure. It was all hear, and only she could read the lines of power. No, not only she.

She turned and saw another woman there. She lowered her hood, and Lorell smiled. She was Lorell’s twin, in fact as well as features. Her long lost twin, thught dead when she fell into the river when the two of them were six. She had suspected a few years ago, when she saw the World Killer and sensed her with her power. It made sense. Who else had the power to affect the Heart of the World besides another with her ability with crystals. And who else could that be, except her twin.

“Hello, Lorell,” her sister said, a twisted smile on her face.

“Hello, Lanell,” Lorell said. “Shall we end this?”

“Lets,” Lanell said.

Lorell charged her sister, ready for a deadly embrace that would likely kill them both. But she was prepared. Their deaths would be the only way to save the world, to preserve the Heart. She was joyous for it. For though they had been separated in life, they would be forever joined in death. In the most appropriate place for it.

The Heart of the World.

The End

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