Monday, February 21, 2011

First Week Failure

So, as Monday is the day were I report in on my status, I have to start off with some bad news. I failed to meet myself imposed deadline of querying once a week. I didn’t even start doing any research into agents for my novel until this weekend. So, I have failed to meet my goal in my first week. I don’t even have a really good excuse. I did get in some writing, but I failed to find the time to submit. I have no one to blame but myself.

This, however, does not mean I am giving up! It just means that I am now one week behind.

And the good news about this is that I’ve started researching. And this is a very good thing. Had I not done the research, and been more concerned with sticking to my self-appointed deadline of one query a week, I would have queried an agent who does not rep the kind of story my novel is.

If I’ve learned anything from the agents I follow on Twitter, it’s that random querying will piss them off. And, like a lot of industry professionals, agents talk to each other. The last thing I want is to be known as one of those desperate authors that just queries randomly in the hopes of hitting the target.

So, no query last week, but research started, and on the road to getting a query in this week. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted next week on my progress.

See you then!

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