Monday, June 6, 2011

On the Road of Research

Little did I realize what path I was setting myself down when I wrote my blog post last Friday.

This weekend, I took the plunge, and started researching self-publishing, specifically in terms of ePublishing. I asked fellow writers, presented the idea to friends, and got feedback from my wife.

That last one is a big deal. Normally, my wife doesn’t read this blog. So, I was surprised and a little afraid when she told me she read it. Then, she surprised me again when she said she supported me self-publishing, specifically my novel The Windsmith. She thinks its that good, and it needs to be out there.

I can’t really say why I was surprised, in retrospect. Fear, I guess. I was living in fear that she would think I was giving up if I self-published, or that she would have the same feelings about it that I mentioned on Friday. Instead, she informed me that it made sense to her, because that’s how poets do it.

She’s a poet, by the way. One of my favorites. But I’m baised.

Still, her support gives me hope. Maybe this IS something I can do. If nothing else, self-publishing can give me something to put in my portfolio when I send in queries to agents and publishers.

I’m starting to see a light in the dark tunnel of self-publishing, a light that is shed by knowledge that I have gained from the little research I have done into it.

And man, is there ever a lot of material out there to go through on the subject. Still, I am determine to learn all that I can, so I can answer truly if this is for me.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone here posted as I take this journey. I just want to end this post with a big thanks to everyone that has provided me with links, feedback, support and books to go to for more information. It is well and truly appreciated to know that I am not walking this path before, and that, in fact, this is a well paved road.

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