Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Back!

Wow, I’ve been away from this blog for two weeks now! I sincerely apologize. I don’t have a good excuse. Or even a bad one, to be honest. I just kind of fell off the wagon. Not just for blogging, but for writing in general. And I mean that, it really feels that way to me. We should start a support group.

Hi, I’m Chris, and I’m a writer that’s not writing.

*Hi, Chris.*

And I feel it when I’m not writing, too. I don’t know about you, but for me, the longer I don’t write, the more crazy I get. I start to feel irritable. I get tired and lethargic. It’s almost like not exercising. My body is getting some kind of high off writing, and when I stop, I go on a downer binge.

But then I have to remind myself of something very important.

I am a writer.

This is true even though I don’t have anything published. This was true even before I got my first rejection letter (an email that I still have). This was even true before I wrote my first novel. It’s true because at the core of my being, I write. I’ve been writing since I was a little kid, and sometimes I wasn’t even aware of it. That’s how much a part of me being a writer is. It’s etched in my soul, burned there like a brand.

And it’s when I write that I am happiest. So, even though I slipped and stopped for a few weeks, I have returned to the fold, and once again, I am writing. Last night was the first night in two weeks that I put words down to paper for a story. It was only a few paragraphs, but even after that, I felt energized. I had the energy and clarity of mind to go in the kitchen and do the dishes. I know, that seems mundane, but when you’re down, even doing normal housework seems hard. But after writing, it seemed like something that just needed to be done, and so I did it.

So, I am back. And I am writing. And I’ll be posting new updates here every weekday as before. Thanks for bearing with me.

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  1. Oddly, two blogs I followed had successive posts titled "I'm back!" but for vastly different reasons. :)

    Welcome back! I'm sure your keyboard missed your gentle caresses.