Monday, February 11, 2013

Life and This Weekend

So, I had a good time this weekend, and I figured, since I hadn’t blogged about anything at all in several months now, I figured I would talk about this.

Right now, work is pretty stressful. I work in the flower industry, so as its Valentine’s Day time (yes, that’s right, it’s that time) this is one of the two busiest times of the year for us (the other being Mother’s Day). Add to this normal amount of stress just from things being three times as busy, I’ve been given a new job to perform, one that is very complex and that I just didn’t have the time to perfect doing before the peak period hit.  So, like I said, I’m pretty stressed out.

So, I was looking forward to a good weekend. And boy, did I get it.

First, I went to Games Bowl, an RPG/board/card/video game event hosted by Gam3rCon. They put on several small Games Days throughout the year, and they are just a ton of fun. Games Bowl was a kind of Super-Bowl party for game geeks, and it was scheduled for two days. I only went for one, but man, I had a total blast! I didn’t get into any RPG’s while I was there, as most of them were pretty main stream games (I tend to want to use one shot games at events like this to play something I might not otherwise play), but I did play a ton of cool card and board games.

First up was a game called Poo. It’s a card game where everyone is monkeys flinging poo at each other. Juvenile, simple, and a ton of fun. It was easy to learn, and played out in about twenty minutes, and everyone that played laughed, smiled and cheered as the game went on. This is one I’m going to look into buying to play with my wife and son.

Next, we played a board game called Tsuro. I’d played it before, but it was still a blast again. Another simple, quick game, but still, a lot of fun.

Then I had a little bit of a break as I tried to hunt down some quarters to pay the meter. When I got back, I joined into what was the biggest game I played that day… Cards Against Humanity.

If you know nothing about this game, just know that it is an adult, dark, twisted version of Apples to Apples. It’s wrong, and yet you can’t help but laugh your ass off as you play. We were all in tears, and I think we played for about an hour after I jumped in, and I joined the game already in progress. So much fun that I’ve decided I need to own it.

After leaving Cards Against Humanity, I played a game called Sentinels of the Multiverse, a kickstarter funded super-hero card game. I rather liked it, the mechanics of it gave the fell of playing a super-hero RPG more than a card game, but it was all focused on combat. It featured a cooperative play, in which everyone was members of a super-group that fought against a bad guy and tried to defeat him. It also featured an environment deck that threw twists into the combat, and I really liked how that played out. I didn’t have time to stick around and finish, which was too bad, because I was having a good time playing that. But the time on my parking meter was up, I was out of quarters, and it was time for dinner with my family.

But, there’s more!

Because as if all that great gaming wasn't enough, later that night, my wife and I went to learn something called Contra Dance. It’s kind of like Irish square dancing. Only, of course, it’s not square dancing. It’s similar, it’s obvious the two are related, but this is an older dance, and, in my opinion, a lot more fun. We learned the basics of how it worked, and just before each dance, learned the moves from the caller. Then, we danced, and mostly spent the first half of each dance trying to remember the moves and get them right.

It was a total blast dancing this way, and the best part was, I got to dance with my wife, which is not something I do often. She’s a far better dancer than I am, and honestly, I don’t often enjoy dancing. But Contra Dance? That was some good fun. So much fun, I think the wife and I are going to go back on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Sunday was also a good day, where housework was done and then time was spent watching some TV. I’ve been watching the Avengers cartoon on Netflix, which I think will be the subject of my next blog post.

All in all, a good weekend was had by me, which is a good thing, because today was super stressful at work. But at least I went into it relaxed.

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